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Elevate Team

Russ Wilson, BA in Business Management

Founder & Coach

Russ, born in Tampa, defied the limitations imposed by limited economic means. With an unwavering passion for sports and a relentless drive for competition, he discovered that the game of basketball held the key to unlocking a brighter future. Through dedication and perseverance, Russ turned his love for the sport into a passport for success.

Russ’s commitment to basketball paid off – he earned a Division II basketball scholarship, which provided him with an opportunity to showcase his skills and dedication on the court. Throughout his college journey, Russ not only improved as an athlete but also displayed strong leadership qualities that led to him being elected student body President. Today, Russ has become a part of the South Florida business community, channeling his passion for basketball to uplift the lives of young individuals in the community through Elevate.

Russ is the founder of Elevate and is responsible for the culture of the organization. Russ has twenty years of basketball coaching and leadership experience, including deep knowledge of several college-level offensive and defensive systems.

Reese Wood, MA, Clinical Sociology

Coach, Shooting and Mental Performance

Reese, originally from Philadelphia, had a successful basketball career, including winning championships and receiving awards during his high school and college years. After a highly decorated professional playing career overseas, Reese transitioned to becoming a skills trainer for players of all levels, from NBA and college players to high school and youth athletes. Reese has had the pleasure of training notable NBA players, including Jeremy Pargo, Rudy Gay, Frank Mason, Wayne Ellington, Quincy Miller, Jarrett Jack, and others.

Reese fervently encourages his students to exhibit unwavering mental and physical dedication, understanding that true success in basketball (and in life as a whole) stems from a wholehearted commitment to improvement. Outside of basketball, Reese is a Psychology Professor and a Mental Health Therapist. Reese will provide comprehensive support to Elevate athletes, focusing on enhancing their skill development in various areas. This includes refining shooting techniques, improving ball handling skills, honing visualization abilities, and cultivating mental toughness.

Victor Jacques, BS, CSCS, CSC

Coach, Sports Performance

Victor’s upbringing in Miami’s highly competitive sports atmosphere has instilled in him a firm belief in the values of hard work, dedication, persistence, discipline, and teamwork. These qualities have become an integral part of his everyday life, enabling him to secure an NCAA Division One scholarship to Northern Illinois University as a formidable middle linebacker. Notably, Jacques also had the privilege of participating in a BCS National Championship game.

With an impressive track record spanning almost two decades, Victor has amassed a wealth of experience working alongside both professional and amateur athletes, guiding them toward reaching their fullest potential. Recognizing the significance of functional training, strength, and dexterity, Victor considers these elements as crucial components for attaining peak performance and preventing injuries. Through personalized interactions, Victor dedicates himself to assisting Elevate athletes in various areas, including strength training, plyometrics, explosiveness, flexibility, as well as rest, recovery, and injury prevention.

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